A Spring Wedding

Memories on view. Pop Pop’s dresser, November 2009.

My cousin Orly is engaged! We found out this week when my Aunt Sandy emailed us the news. Their family is Orthodox, and this will be an arranged marriage. Orly is 19.

Shocking? Not really. This will be the third arranged marriage for my cousins, and I’ve attended every wedding. I’m mostly just really excited to see the family in May. It’ll be like a mini reunion. Of course I’m thinking: Can Pop Pop come?

It’d be a struggle to have him there, yes. It’s not easy getting him in and out of the car, or getting him set up in a hotel room, where he’s not used to the surroundings, the routine. But if he’s feeling pretty good in four months time, I say game on! Let’s bring him.

In my cousins’ Orthodox community, men and women are always separated. That holds true for weddings, of course. So during the ceremony, men are on one side and women are on the other. Same deal at the reception, except they put a partition to physically divide the sexes. No peeking!

Well, I’ve peeked before and I’ll peek again. Reason before: Sometimes there are surprisingly good looking guys under those black hats! Reason again: Pop Pop. I want to peek and see Pop Pop in his yarmulke and coat and tie. Maybe snag him for a dance when no one is looking. How could that ever be wrong?